Friday, June 12, 2020

Garden Shed part three

Building our soon-to-be tool shed has evolved into a full-on family project - we're all at home, and the bread snappers are old enough now to be trusted with all the tools I've spent so long keeping them away from.  

Last Saturday we got cracking on the walls - many hands make light work, so I gave Amy Sheep a cutting list and put her and Quinn in charge of the miter saw.

It would have been easier to construct the back wall on top of a larger base, but we made do with what we had....

I put Sam in charge of the cordless nail gun. Quinn precut all the blocks so we installed them as we went along instead of trying to squeeze them in later.

We had to stand the wall up to check for square before Sam nailed on the top plate:

Time for some siding, so I pitched in with the circular saw....

Once the back wall is erected (!) it will be too close to the fence to paint it easily, so I had Amy and Ruby Sheep roller on the top coat; the siding comes pre-primed. We're painting the shed the same color as the house because (1) it will blend in more and (2) we already have the paint and (3) most importantly, we don't have to go through the agony of choosing a color...

While this was going on Sam and Quinn tried out the hammock.

We raised the back wall while the paint was still wet, and then touched-in the finger prints. A quick bit of pythagoras-in-real-life, and we had the wall braced and square.

On to the front....we framed out the basis of the front wall before we decided to pack up for the day - the front wall will be mostly a pair of double doors so it needs a big opening.

The next afternoon Sam and I headed back out to the yard and installed some more bulk at the door opening and put in a header I made from a scrap piece of 2" x 10" redwood I had on my lumber rack.

The rest of the sheep were otherwise engaged, so Sam had to take over the circular saw...

...and the nail gun

When it was time to raise the front wall we had to call in some muscle.

After that Sam and Amy worked on measurements for the side walls...

...and Quinn took over on the nail gun.

By Sunday packing-up-time we had the front and back walls installed and one side wall framed out. Not too shabby!

To be continued....

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