Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Five

Day #5 also happened to be the first day of 2020, so we had a suitable celebratory lie-in and then we had poached eggs for breakfast. It was top notch.

By now the concrete I laid down on day #3 has set, but probably needs few more days to cure completely.

Back to installing furring strips at the brickwork at the dining room and office side of the fireplace/chimney. This was a bit tedious, but it has to be done if the drywall is going to be plumb.

Finally done on both walls. This area is a bit difficult to photograph due to the plastic sheeting we installed to contain the dust.

Putting up the new drywall was a breeze.

Moved on to the side wall...

The adjacent wall in the dining area has two layers of drywall at most of the wall - this is the legacy of the previous owner's kitchen remodel. We only got one layer of the replacement drywall installed, and, as it will be obscured, we cut a few corners on neatness.

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