Thursday, January 2, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Six

Day #6 = drywall day! Started with the living room side. I was on my own today, so progress was a little bit slower.

Finished off the dining room side...

Installed my corner supports...

Then it was time to breakout the drywall tape and apply mud at all the joints.

Some of the smaller repaired areas got the first skim coat too....

The corners came out really nice:

It was a bright sunny day while I was dry-walling; in fact it was so warm I had to have the window open.

After I cleaned up the drywall tools and had a good tidy up there was just enough time to cut back the subfloor around the space where the hearth used to be. I trimmed the subfloor three inches forward and about one inch at either side - this is so that the tile we install at the new hearth will sit entirely on one piece of replacement subfloor.

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