Monday, November 16, 2020

Sam Sheep's Bedroom

I mentioned in my last post that I had been struggling to write it - one of the reasons it was finally completed was that I wanted to move on to writing about the Great Bedroom Switch. When we moved into our current pad a little over three (count 'em) years ago, Quinster and Samuel Sheep wanted to share a bedroom - getting them set up with platform beds was the first real post in this blog as it happens. 

They've both grown a lot bigger in the last few years - such that I've lost my place as tallest member of our quintet - and the desk spaces are not designed to accommodate anybody over five foot six. The upshot of all this is that Quinn Sheep shipped out to the spare room in the basement,* leaving Sam and myself to spruce up his new bedroom!

This is what the platform beds looked like with the trimmings removed. Sam and I had two of these to dismantle and stow away. Once the beds were removed it was clear we would have to make some repairs....!

I patched the walls up one night after work, and then the following saturday we hoiked all the furniture out of the room and got to work with the paint brush and roller. We started with the ceiling and I had Sam do the cutting in while I worked the roller.

After the ceiling was done it was time fort quick cup ot tea an a slice ot doins. For the walls Sam took over with the roller and I switched to the brush.

All done with the first coat - time for a spot of luncheon over in the dining room. Amy Sheep was AWOL so Sam had to step up and make the toasted ham sandwiches.

All done with the second coat!  By this time Amy Sheep was on hand to put t'ettle on and hand out the wagon wheels.**

There was just enough daylight left for us to put the furniture back in the room and construct Sam's new bed. 

And not a moment too soon! All that working the roller wore him out!

A couple of weeks later the LED lighting Sam ordered showed up and we spent Saturday morning installing it.

The colors can be changed from the comfort of one's bed with a remote control.

(*yes, this is bad news for guests, if we ever have any again....)

(**ok, so I haven't had a wagon wheel since I left the uk, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about them...)

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