Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Twenty Six

It's Tuesday March 17, 2020, otherwise known as day #26. It's also day #1 of a Shelter-In-Place order in the East Bay. My business, and pretty much every other one in the East Bay is closed, the schools are out and you can hear a pin drop in the street outside. Well, you could until I fired up my belt sander!

This time I started with a brand new 120 grit belt, and I used that to grind off all the excess wood filler I applied at the weekend. I then went over everything with the random orbital sander, first at 120, and then 220 grit.

Tea break time !

This is how it came out; I will sand again to 400 grit right before I apply the this space!

The other bit came out very similar:

After that I installed the new baseboards and taped around the edge of the floor so it's all ready for paint. While all this was going on Amy Sheep was conducting telimedicine appointments from the next room so I had to be quiet as a mouse most of the time.

A new layer of paper went down over all the new this space....!

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