Monday, July 1, 2019

Kitchen Remodel Part One

If your first thought on seeing our cooking area is "1980's Country Kitchen" then we're on the same page: ugly tile and far too much wood!

A project like this takes a lot of planning, but one thing we knew right at the start was that the ceiling-mounted cabinets had to go, and go they did (stay tuned to find out where they went).

We've been waiting almost two years to get rid of the hideous tile back-splash, and it did not want to go quietly - tile removal quickly turned into drywall replacement.

We also ripped out the ridiculous pull-out extractor we could never remember we had and demolished the central cabinet to make way for our modern hood.

No more tile!

Here's how it looked about three hours later after I installed the blocking which will allow me to attach the replacement drywall. While I was working on this the rest of the team popped out to h*** d**** to pick up some very snazzy purple drywall.

Time for dinner!

The next day I installed the replacement drywall and put the kitchen back together. The mud can wait for another day!