Monday, June 22, 2020

Garden Shed part four

As you can see from my post tally, I've gone from updating my blog every other day to posting twice a month at best, and it's all due to my day job taking over; last weekend I was so overwhelmed with work that I didn't even set foot in the workshop....

This Saturday though, it was different: the bin lids were back in town and ready to rock and we had a shed to work on! After case-hardened waffles and non-shatter-proof bacon for breakfast, we dispatched Quinn and Amy to the local lumber yard to pick up supplies, and Sam, Ruby and myself set up our backyard workshop.

We started off by filling-in the final wall that we didn't quite manage to finish last time; we did actully cut the timber last time though, so the wall went up pretty quickly and then Sam nailed on the top plate.

Now it was roof time! Sam and I used trigonometry to figure the roof angle is 18 degrees, and then we carefully measured for the rafter length and where to place the birds eyes. It took a little while to create the perfect rafter, and we were just about finished when Quinn and Amy got back from the lumber yard with the next batch of material. After a quick cuppa tea, we lined up our new material and went into mass production.

We used our first rafter and a framing square to scribe all the others, and then we bevelled all the ends with one pass of the circular saw, and cut them all to length with a second pass. We need a double birdsmouth for this style of roof. The two heel were made with the circular saw set to 18 degrees and a depth of about an inch and a quarter.

We had to make the seat cuts with the jigsaw one at a time...

This is how it looks installed:

We used double rafters at the sides of the roof which are made by nailing two boards together, and yes, this level of strength is total overkill for what we are building.

Time to scatter the rafters and install them. This was a three man operation:

Once all the rafters were secured we crafted some blocks to fit between the end rafter and the side walls, and Sam nailed them in nice and tight:

On to the sheeting. Sam and Quinn risked life and limb to install the roof sheeting:

That was it for the day, except...

....there was just enough time for a quick stress test:

To be continued....

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