Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Garden Shed part six

Welcome to another compilation of progress rather than a single day's work. I could have written this up sooner, but I've been busy with work...yada, yada....no I'm not complaining...yada, yada....but a break would be nice....

So.....the Saturday before last Sam and I plodded out to the back yard about mid-morning and got cracking. I started off by tinkering with the doors - I wanted to make some stops that prevent the doors from opening inwards. While I was doing that, Sam fired up the orbital sander and went to work on all the globs of excess wood filler Amy Sheep plastered on the weekend before.

After that we snuck off to the workshop to escape from the sun, and fabricated a sort-of door pocket/tool holder thingy for storing small tools and other tat. This is how it looks installed on the inside of the door. I came up with the concept and Sam did all the cutting and joining. We made one for each door.

We also installed some fine wire mesh between the rafters - the shed should be very well ventilated and inaccessible to all but the smallest critters.

We had a break for lunch, and then we carried the first batch of garden tools out to the backyard...

It would be nice if each tool had it's own bay, but we don't have a shed big enough for that...

The door pockets may need some refinement, but this is the basic concept:

This is later after we transferred the hooks that used to hang in the unfinished part of out basement:

I painted primer on the trim that Sam sanded first thing, and then we called it a day.

The next day was Sunday so we gave the shed a wide berth and headed over to Golden Gate park for a spot of what the locals call quad biking.

Fast forward to the weekend that just passed by, and Amy Sheep and I found ourselves in the backyard with a clear mission: Finish the shed or bust! Amy set things rolling by painting the trim - two (2) coats of white dove semi-gloss if you're keeping score.

I worked on refining our tool storage: 

After lunch we put two (2) coats of exterior-wall-color paint on the bits of the shed that are not trim, and that was it: Finito!

Stay tooned to find out what all these tools are going to be used for.....!

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