Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Front Yard part eight

So....the fence at the front yard. As has been well documented, we did not want to put the fence up ourselves. I possibly could have built the fence panels, but nobody in the Sheep Family had any desire to dig a whole bunch of thirty-six inch deep post holes. So we laid down some $$$ and went back to the couch.

Taking photos of holes in the ground is not very interesting, so I didn't bother with that. The first pictures are after most of the posts have been set:

The base of each section was filled in with 2" x 12" PT which was partially buried.

California has an ongoing redwood shortage which I've mentioned before, but fortunately we found a source.

Each panel was framed with 2" x 4" redwood at the base....

...and at the top, after the posts were cut to the correct height.

This is how it looks from the house side after the first sections of the mesh frames have been installed:

This is a close up view of the two (2) inch wire mesh. It is invisible from fifteen feet away - the idea is to keep out the deer without blocking any sunlight.

The mesh is invisible from across the street:

Double gates at the entrance to the enclosed area:

Looking down the hill towards the gates:

The far side looking up the hill:

OK, finally time to plant some crops!  We have operational irrigation at two of the three beds. The third bed is still waiting on dirt - we actually have a supply problem with that too, but it is nothing to do with covid. 


potatoes (sub-surface)


All fed and watered....check back soon for a progress report

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