Sunday, August 14, 2022

Painting the Basement

After many moons, and twice as many suns, one bright evening I was distracted from my post-work cuppa and quick scan of the interwebs by a large box thudding onto the porch. The epoxy floor paint had finally been delivered! Cue more rejoicing than that time I won an Edward Jenner on the National Lottery.™ 

I am using the same beige concrete paint I laid down in the garage, only this time there is no oil to get off the floor first. It is debatable whether the concrete needs to be etched/cleaned with muriatic acid; I didn't bother since I know the concrete is brand new, and the surface is far from perfectly smooth. I did however do a very thorough vacuuming, a power wash and then another vacuuming. 

After all the prep, I was ready for a I roped in Sam to help with the painting. It took us the better part of two (2) hours to apply the base coat: 

We had to wait six (6) hours before we could apply the top coat, so we headed upstairs to have some scram and watch The Godfather. Then it was back to the painting:

As you can see it came out very nice....

Until you step back a few feet and can see that we ran out of topcoat about halfway through:

There was nothing we could do at this point except clean tut' brushes and put the project on hiatus. Fortunately, the next batch of paint arrived in less than two (2) weeks, and we were able to get back to work:

I did consider hanging around in the basement for a bit longer, just so I could watch the paint dry....but then I had a better idea: time to order the cabinet saw I've been drooling over for months! No doubt it will feature in this blog soon enough ;)

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