Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Central Yard Part 3

Back at it! The following picture might not look like much, but this is the last bit of the yard that I had to clear of small rocks and general crap that was leftover from the concrete pour. Now we're ready for landscaping soil and more moss rock!

The next day I had three cubic yards of soil and another pallet of rock delivered to this exact spot:

And I had another 1.5 yard bag of soil dropped off where the original entrance walkway used to meet the street:

There was a little bit of daylight left after work on Friday, so I made a gentle start with the wall in front of the porch. I think I raised the level by one more course and did a bit of backfilling...before I figured it was time celebrate the end of the week from the sanctuary of the living room.

Next day, new target: fill the area in front of the house with soil!

Luckily Samuel Sheep was on hand to help shovel the dirt in tut' barras.

This is what one bag (or 1.5 cubic yards) looks like spread out. Lets just say that it was apparent very early in this process that we would be needing a LOT more soil.

The next day Amy Sheep popped out to help. We used some of the soil we had left to construct banks  where we want to build moss rock retaining walls:

This is how they look completed; there will be a lot more soil between the two barriers eventually.

We also finished off the wall in front of the house and backfilled with soil so that there is a uniform upward slope across this section of the yard.

We used the last of the soil to regrade the area where the front path used to be:

At the end of the weekend, the area in front of the house was looking a lot better, but could still use a couple more inches of soil, especially after the new material is compacted.

However, we still need a whole bunch of dirt behind the retaining wall and at the other wise of the walkway...

To be continued....

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