Sunday, April 21, 2024

Dining Room Cabinets & Bookcase Part 6

It's been about a month now and we're getting very used to having a new cabinet in the dining room. Work on the bookcase stalled out for a couple of weeks because we had family in town and what not, but when I finally got back to it, there was just one last upright panel and two fixed shelves to glue up:

Next day, after removing clamps and spacers etc.

This is a few days later with the top panel glued and clamped in place:

Time fort tut clean up! There was a mixture of glue residue and tiny pieces of plywood spacers at most of the joints. The worst bits can be removed with a sharp chisel, and the rest comes off with sanding.  A lot of sanding. And if that doesn't take care of it, I've got tut sithers.

Post cleanup....number 1 of 42!

This is part way through the process:

This is a exactly halfway through after the bookcase has been turned upside down. This makes it much easier to access the second batch of intersections:

It's hard to tell from the above photos, but the panel at the base of the cabinet sits about 3/4 of an inch above the floor. I don't want the base to sag, so I'm making some feet/spacers which will go below each of the three upright dividing panels.

Glue up in progress:

This is how the underside looks after the clamps and cauls have been removed and the bookcase has been placed face down on the assembly table:

This is the zoomed-out view from the top down:

With the bookcase in this position I can cut a 3/4 inch deep rabbit at the perimeter:

The shelves and the three uprights were cut 3/4" shorter than the top, bottom and sides, so do not require any adjustment. However, where the panels meet the perimeter, there is a small bit which the router cannot get to. This section must be cut out with a chisel.

After completing the perimeter rabbit:  

The next step is to make the back panel, which will also be constructed from 3/4" walnut plywood. I'm using one full 8' x 4' sheet and two (2) smaller pieces which were left over from some other part of this project. After that I have to build and install the face frame. However, this project is going on hiatus for the next few weeks at least because the sun is out, the sky is blue in every direction....and I have a deck to finish up.

To be continued..... 

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