Thursday, November 9, 2023

Fixin' The Deck Part 4

It's been a while - the last serious work on this project was completed six weeks ago at the time of writing. However, since then we have developed a proper action plan. 

Last time around I removed all the screws and fasteners from the deck underlayment; I knew I would use this material for something. It turns out it will be great for manufacturing the furring strips we need for underlayment below the new deck. 

I began the milling of the furring strips by cutting the timber into seven foot lengths, and discarding anything shorter than five feet. It was a beautiful late October day, so I did the basic cutting outside with the circular saw.

In tray...

...out tray


After that, each piece was passed through the jointer and one flat (narrow) edge was established. I ended up with forty (40) boards of between 5 and 7 feet in length.

This is a couple of weeks later after our new composite decking has been delivered. This was on a Wednesday morning before a 3-day weekend. 

It took me two hours of hard labor, on my own, to move the boards into the garage. I have 56 boards at 16' and 22 boards at 20' and all of them were heavy.

You're probably wondering why one type of composite decking will be better than what we had before. Stay tuned to find out!

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