Wednesday, February 7, 2024

More workshop refinements

At the time of writing, it is STILL raining. We have had the odd nice day here and there, but not anywhere near enough to get back to the deck project. The only positive is all the work I've but able to do in the 'shop that I normally would not have time for. I'm still working my way through the plywood I salvaged from the deck. When I left off, I had finished the window wall in the shop and built my clamp rack. But there was another area that needed attention - the wall behind the furnace and where I store some of my guitars and a whole load of other stuff has never been finished. This is how it looks with all that gear removed:

This is the same area after an number of hours work installing more of the salvaged plywood. Unfortunately my Dad was not around to remove the nails this time...

I had to work my way through a lot of small pieces towards the end:

When I "plywood-ed" the other wall I thought about getting the paint out, and decided....maybe in the future. This time though I was a bit more motivated. I can't imagine moving all the junk out off the way just to paint, and I have time, so I got it done:

I also installed a light in this area which has a pull cord so will only be "on" when it is actually needed rather than coming on with all the other shop lights.

Filled back up with "junk"

Went back and did the other wall while I was at it....

The cinder block wall at the front of the shop was painted white a couple of years ago, so that just left this area:

So I did that as's worth mentioning that this is primer/stain blocker and I put on two (2) coats for pretty much uniform coverage. In the future I may paint the shop an actual color, we'll see...

I put up another piece of peg board above the grinding wheels and metal work vice. I'm going to move some of the tools I use over here away from the woodwork bench (which is all of five feet away...)

One other quick thing I did was install an extractor fan in the table saw room:

I used a leftover bit of ducting from the clothes dryer to route the fan to the exterior. This area can become damp in the winter, so I want to keep the air moving around and (hopefully) prevent mold/mildew formation. I'm running the fan on a timer with a 4 hours on/4 hours off cycle. This will be a cheap solution if it works. 

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