Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Dining Room Cabinets & Bookcase Part 7

Back to the cabinet....back! I'm making the back panel from three separate pieces of plywood. The central strip is 42" wide, and the pieces at the sides are about twelve inches each. This is with the first piece fitted:

With the central piece added:

All done:

The three back panel sections will be joined with biscuits - this is not really necessary from a strength perspective, but helps with alignment and also helps with my reputation for over-engineering at every  opportunity. I can put a piece of tape across the join, and mark where I want to put biscuits:

The tape can be cut by sliding a razor blade between the plywood panels:

...and biscuit slots can be cut accurately at both panels:

Similar methodology was used to cut slots in the central section of the back panel..

...and at the bookcase:

This was one of the more difficult glue ups. The next couple of pictures were taken the following day:

There is a lot of fine glue residue inside the bookcase which needs to be sanded off, but otherwise it is looking in very good nick.

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