Saturday, December 28, 2019

Fireplace Remodel Day One

This how our fireplace looked on its last night of "action." As previously noted, it probably looked rad back in the day, but we just aint bin diggin' it.

If you've forgotten, and who could blame you if so, we had the dining room side of the double fireplace filled in a couple of years ago. Since then it's been covered up with a bookcase.

Preparation is everything, innit. We put brown paper down on the floors to protect the hardwood. Then I installed several 2" x 4" studs between the dining area and the living room, which I wedged with cardboard to protect the ceiling. I didn't worry about getting them all neatly lined up.

Plastic sheeting was stapled onto the studs and taped to the ceiling and floor - the idea is to keep all the dust inside the living room.

More plastic sheeting was installed between the living area and the entrance hallway and we put in a zip, in case we need to get in and out of the living room, lol.

Removed the glass doors from the front of the fireplace and it was all systems go!

Now we're getting somewhere: we crow-bared off the mantle, ripped out 'alf the 'arth and started on the facing - time fo't cuppa tea. This was made a lot easier with the Xtreme Power jackhammer I picked up the week before crimbo. The demolition I mean. All I need to make tea is tut caddy an' tut t'ettle. An' tut sithers.

End of day #1....all the facing brick and the hearth has been removed. Obviously we have some cleanup work to do with the remaining brickwork and it looks like the firebox sits on a gravel pad....stay tuned!

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