Monday, December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving Skylight

Thanksgiving: A time for family, relaxation, good food, sport on TV.....or in our case, time to install a skylight in the entrance hallway. The hallway was always dark, and even though we improved it a lot by getting rid of the black floor tile, it was still markedly dim.

This project started with lifting some of the sheeting we installed in the attic, peeling back the insulation and disconnecting the hallway lighting fixture.

A blank canvas:

I cut out an opening in the ceiling with the oscillating tool and then installed 2"x 6" bracing before the joists were cut out with a combination of my brand new cordless circular saw and the OT.

Framed around the opening with more 2" x 6" lumber which was installed with the trusty nail gun.

Blocking was installed at the attic side to make sure the framing was absolutely solid.

Time to cut a hole in the roof - I cut this from the outside with the new circular saw, which meant no screwing around with extension cords on the roof. It's not obvious in this photo, but we did support the rafter at both ends before it was cut out.

Installed 2" x 6" framing around the opening and the rough edge was trimmed with the oscillating tool.

Went back up on the roof to tear off the shingles around the opening. The weather took a turn for the worse during this operation....

It was a very odd feeling looking through the roof, through the floor, through the open front door and back outside.

The skylight was very carefully aligned over tut 'ole, and we installed the flashing kit which is best explained here.

Patched the roof around the skylight with a variety of shingles...

Ten minutes later it was pouring with rain!

Framed out the lightwell.

Installed the drywall at the lightwell.

All exposed joints were taped at the attic side...

Wrapped the attic side of the lightwell with R30 fiberglass.

Came out nice !!!

*Yeah....we'll plaster it at some point I guess...

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