Monday, December 30, 2019

Fireplace Remodel Day Three

Morning of day #3, and the mortar we installed last night has set hard but hasn't cured completely.

Time to start rebuilding the floor. The void was framed out with 2" x 10" timber in order to provide a strong base - we will be tiling over most of this area so it has to be rock solid.

It's not obvious, but the area below the remaining concrete was also boxed in.

The concrete pad was repaired, and more concrete was also added at the supporting area below the firebox.

We moved on to installing the furring strips at the brickwork on the dining room side where the drywall will be attached. The strips were installed with masonry anchors into the mortar lines and shimmed as necessary. This was tedious work, and we were flagging after going at it for three (3) days straight, so we didn't get quite as far as we'd hoped.

To be continued.....

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