Saturday, January 11, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Nine

Day #9 amounted to a few hours here and there after work and most of the day on Thursday. Most of this time was spent sanding and re-filling low points in the drywall that I skimmed at the weekend.

I did some electrical work at the other side of the living room a few months ago, and I left the drywall repairs until now.

Part way through the transition...

On Thursday I had most of the day off work, so after a quick flick over the drywall, I went back to work on what used to be the living room hearth. I started off with a good clean up, and I ground down the last remaining high spots at the concrete. The union between the original concrete and the material I added on day #3 was sound, and the concrete was fully cured by this point.

The concrete was treated with a sealant - one coat of 50/50 mixed with water, and after twenty (20) minutes, one Capstan full strength Navy Cut coat. The second coat took considerably longer than twenty (20) minutes to dry which indicates the concrete is well and truly sealed.

Poured in my leveling compound; I needed the best part of two (2) 50 lb bags to do both sides of the fireplace.

I had to ease the leveling compound into some of the nooks and crannies - this indicates the mixture is slightly too viscous.

It came out alright:

T'other side was done int sem whey. A blind man would have been glad to see it.

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