Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Sixteen

We always have a late start on Sundays; sometime we have a boiled egg and soldiers too. This particular Sunday we peeked in on mostly-dry thin set around the fireplace:

Some of the thicker sections were not completely cured, but the mortar was rigid all over, so we followed up with two more thin layers over the course of the day.

In between applying thin set, I did some more work on the shoe rack/soon-to-be-cabinet. This how it looked last time after I cut new shelves for the cabinet, made new face frames and mocked it all up with some masking tape:

This time I removed all the new bits - except the back panel - and scraped/sanded off all the old paint. I had to use stripper in some of the corners, but mostly it just peeled off. The cabinet was wood finished originally and when it was painted, it was never primed. Any holes and imperfections in the cabinet were filled with ye olde plastic wood.

After the paint was all gone, the cabinet and the new parts were all sanded down to 240 grit and installed permanently with a mixture of glue, tut panel pins and Kreg ™ pocket hole screws. I also made a new one-piece top panel out of ¾ inch plywood. The top panel will never actually be seen but it provides a lot of extra strength and will support the more ornate top piece we have in mind.

While all that was going on, Amy Sheep worked on skimming the junction of the lightwell with the hallway ceiling:

To be continued....

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