Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Rain Stops Play

So, as has been well documented on this blog, we spent the latter half of 2020 and most of 2021 transforming the yard at the side of property - we built raised beds, constructed stairs and walkways and enclosed the whole area with deer fencing. For some reason, all my blog posts on this project was refer to  this area as the "front yard" even though is is located at the side of the house. Which would be fine, except that now it is time to work on the proper front yard, I have to come up with another description...hence  this is bit of the property is of now the "central yard." 

Apart from digging up some of this area so that we could expand the driveway and installing the new walkway, all we have done with this area is dug up the odd dead bush or small tree. There is no irrigation in this area (yet), so anything that it still alive is clearly drought tolerant. 

However, there are many things to do before we can think about planting new flora. We have some significant regrading to do where the new path cuts through...

...and behind the new wall.

We also have to figure out wat to do with these small areas immediately in front of the building:

We also have to finish off eradicating the remains of the old entrance path, move the mailbox over to the edge of the driveway, and get rid of the street lamp. 

The problem is, that although we came back from England just before New Year, full of ideas and ready to get cracking on the landscaping, it has been raining almost constantly ever since. We have discovered that the voids next to the walkway rapidly fill with water under these condition...

So far our progress has been limited to taking delivery of a pallet of landscaping rock....installing it in heavy rain does not appeal. The weather has been so bad, I've even had time to film the workshop tour I posted a few days ago!

To be continued when the weather dry's up...

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