Monday, May 25, 2020

Garage Electrical

It's Memorial Day evening 5.25.20, and finally I have time to write in my blog. The covid-19 slowdown in my business is well and truly over, and the days weeks of dividing my time between the garage and workshop are just a pleasant memory. My particular business has always been a case of making hay while the sun shines, and the last week or two have been blue sky in every direction; a situation which I obviously hope will continue indefinitely.

In the occasional spare moment I have been trying to put the garage back together. The garage was always a bit of a desert as far as power outlets were concerned. I have outlets built into the front of my work bench, but until I emptied the garage they were not-very-safely-connected to an extension cord and plugged in behind the fridge. Something had to be done!

The first step was to convert the outlet at the wall behind the fridge to a box where I could attach some conduit - I don't want to embed the electrical in the walls in the garage and they are mostly masonry in any case. Well, actually, the first step was to shut-off the circuit breaker...

The new conduit begins at the back wall, continues across the ceiling...

...comes down at the side of the bench....

...and continues underneath the shelf, where it connects to the bench outlets.

This is the look about a week later after all the wiring was done:

A few days later my shinny new cover pates showed up in the mail:

By now I have most of my "stuff" back in the garage...

Shirley not the end of the garage project? Stay tooned to find out!

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