Thursday, December 30, 2021

Basement Expansion Part 15

As I mentioned in my last post, the area below the front porch has been well and truly filled with dirt. Soon, we will be forced to get another dumpster, but for now I am continuing to dump waste dirt in the front yard. Fortunately I only had to dig out two of three barrow loads before we could pour the next bit of the floor; these three section were all poured together.

This is about a week later when the concrete is mostly cured. The section at the left will be obscured when the shelves are reconstructed, and the right section will be the pathway that leads between the garage and the workshop.

The section immediately inside the basement needs to turn a corner to meet the garage door. I started in the usual place: digging dirt. About a week before this we experienced the largest storm our little bit of California has seen in 25 years...Our sump pump did its job, but it still got very wet in the basement, so this area was quite damp and therefore much easier to dig.

I used the laser level to help me set up the forms. I'm getting a lot of use out of this tool, but my 78 inch spirit level has also become one of my favorite tools during this project.

All set up and rebar installed. The pathway turns at appox. 60 degrees so that it is square with the wall where the doorway is located.

All done!

I had to wait two or three days before I could walk on the path, and then I was able to dig out and pour the adjacent section:

Once this area has cured, I can rebuild the shelves.

Will the dumpster arrive in the next episode? Will we able to fill it in two days? And will Pluto ever be a planet again? Stay turned and the answers to two of these questions will be revealed! 

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