Saturday, February 8, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Eighteen

Finally it's Saturday again! Amy Sheep fled the folding in favor of SoCal so I was planning a full day of HARD DIY while listening to my choice of music/NPR/power tool(s). We're all sick of not having a living room, so I need to get the fireplace completely ready for tiling, and I need to get everything else ready for painting.

So naturally, I started on the shoe rack. I gave all the wood filler a good going over with the orbital sander, and then it was time to start working on the shelves for the left hand side. The shelves are made from walnut (veneered) plywood, and I knocked them up with a combination of the circular saw and the router. I spent plenty of time getting the first shelf right...

I used the flush-trim bit on the router to replicate the first shelf and then I notched the corner of the bottom shelf and ironed-on some veneer. All ready fort' polyurethane.

Then it was back upstairs to put a coat of primer on the shoe rack. I didn't bother priming the bits that won't be seen or are unfinished.

The lightwell got a coat of primer as well while I had the roller tray out...

This is the broom cupboard in our hallway with the cabinet doors removed. (Note: more on them later...).

This is the same cabinet 45 minutes later after the primer has been applied.

As I was saying at the start, the most important thing right now is getting the fireplace ready for tile; here it is after I removed the timber forms from around the firebox. Not looking too bad.

There was some of the mortar equivalent of over-spray around the firebox (over-flow ?).

Also, the thinset sagged slightly at the thickest section creating several rippled high-spots.

This is the view after I went over the thinset with a 60 grit disc on the orbital sander. It worked quite well, apart from all the dust I created.

Then I applied more thinset to the next section of the wall where the tile will be going, and made it flat with my homemade screed board. It was getting late by now so I cleaned up my tools and called it a day. Which it pretty much was.

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