Sunday, February 9, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Nineteen poached eggs on rye today,  but I did have a very nice lie in and I caught up with family in another time zone. It was another beautiful day on tut farm actually, with not a cloud in tut sky, nor a pair ot sithers on tut sideboard.

I wasn't really planning on doing much heavy work on the living room because I was cream crackered after yesterday, and my in-tray is overflowing with other urgent things to do. But then eeh-by-gum around 11:00 am the Electricity Board decided to cut tut power! Oh well, nothing to do but carry on applying thinset to the fireplace I guess....

Here's the morning-after look. The mortar I put on last night is still soft, so I had to work around it - I actually screeded from the top down this time.

Not perfect, but it is very close and the uneven areas can be worked out with the orbital sander...after the naughty monkeys at PG&E turn tut power back on.

Still no power, so I got my painting gear back out and put the first coat of proper paint on the shoe rack and the new baseboard.

The electricity was back on by now, but since I had the gear out I painted the broom closet as well...

...and the lightwell....all these areas still need another coat of paint, and the ceiling around the lightwell has to be re-textured and painted.

Then I went back down to the workshop and put down the first layer of polyurethane on the three shelves I made yesterday. After that, I reluctantly returned to my office...

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