Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Twenty One

Today was officially work-from-home day, but fortunately that also left some of time to chip away at the living room. The thinset mortar was cured by this point, but before I could smooth it out I needed to protect the shinny new drywall we textured yesterday. The rough looking framing is designed so I didn't have to put any screws or staples into the new drywall.

After that it was full steam ahead with the orbital sander, and this is how it came out - really very flat and smooth...and totally ready for tiling :)

I went back to my desk for a couple of hours while the dust settled and then I painted primer/stain blocker on all the drywall that we textured yesterday:

I re-installed the doors on the broom cupboard. I also replaced the crappy 1980's brass hardware with brushed nickel and installed the same door handles we put in the kitchen. I'll be building similar doors for the cabinet next to the shoe rack...eventually...

It didn't take long for the primer to dry on the ceiling, so I followed up with two rounds of top coat over the course of the afternoon. At this point the lightwell and the hallway ceiling are officially finished.

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