Friday, March 27, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Thirty Five

it's Friday March 27, 2020, and it's painting day! I spent the first few minutes sanding off the excess wood filler at the hardwood flooring I bolted down yesterday, then I covered up this area with brown paper - I'll varnish this area next week, hopefully.

Onto the office/dining room. Started by painting the ceiling, two coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove flat:

Then it was onto the French doors for the first of two coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove semi-gloss....

....all the new baseboards....

...and the window stools got the same treatment.

While the semi-gloss was drying, I went down to the workshop and gave the display case a good going over with 220 grit sand paper. Then I applied a coat of primer/stain blocker to the cabinet and both doors. I have something special planned for the final paintwork.

The shoe rack cabinet doors were painted with primer earlier in the week and were ready at this point for top coating with more Benjamin Moore White Dove semi-gloss.

After this, it was back upstairs to put a second coat on the French doors and baseboards, which came out very similar to the photographs above. I was well and truly cream crackered by this point - this was my eleventh (11th) straight day of DIY with only a few breaks for monopoly, cluedo etc. Still, I managed to summon up the energy to cart the rest of the tools and other crap from the living room back to the workshop with help from Amy Sheep.

When this was done we declared the living room side of the project complete, and we tore the shrink wrap off the couches and put them back into operation. Tomorrow I will paint the walls in the office and dining room and move the desks back.

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