Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Thirty Seven

Before my day of rest, I had painted the walls in the office and dining room.....well, most of the dining room. The new bit of wall where the fireplace used to be only got one coat before I ran out of paint, and looked decidedly patchy as a result:

Today was Monday March 30, 2020, and the paint store was open again - with reduced hours due to the present covid-19 situation. This area looked much better after a second coat of paint:

And even better than that after I parked a bookcase in front of it.

Time to re-build the office....this process took longer than you might think....

With the desks out of the living room, it was finally time to put this area back together. I wanted to photograph the floor before we covered it with a rug. I am very pleased with the repairs; there is no evidence of a transition between original and new hardwood.

Rug and couches aligned...the rest of the furniture and the proper curtains are still pending...

I still need to re-install the glass doors at the front of the fireplace...more on that in due course.

The shoe rack is still missing the top panel and the cabinet doors, which will be installed after the paint is cured.

This space will be occupied by our Telibox....if I can ever get it back out of Amy Sheep's bedroom...

At some point in this madness I snuck away to the workshop and put the first coat of black paint on my display case. I was pleased with how it came out - this is not the finished look, but it is not far off.

I applied most of the black paint with a four (4) inch roller, so I was mostly able to keep it away from the accents that I painted white a couple of days ago.

There was some very slight bleed in places, but I can fix this after the second coat of black is applied.

Next time around I will be working on the hardwood floor underneath this pile of junk:

To be continued...

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