Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Twenty Seven

Shelter-In-Place day #2 of 21 we are told, but of course it could and probably will be I may as well get on with the living room! The photo below doesn't really show how much fine dust has been clinging to the ceiling since we started this project, but it was a lot.

This one, after I started the cleanup, shows it better:

Removing the dust was a two-stage process: I got the worst of it off with my new shop vac (see below), and then I wiped down the entire ceiling with a wet sponge.  This photo was taken closer to the end:

Most of the cleanup was done from halfway up a ladder, and I had to move the furniture around more than once so I could get to all of the ceiling. This is what I found under the couches! The majority of this dust originates from grinding concrete or mortar with the diamond-encrusted screaming wheel of death.

It came out very clean, but all in all, this took almost an entire day to accomplish. The rest of the day was spent de-dusting all the tools and so on that we are finished with and returning them to the workshop.

I ended up with all the furniture in the middle of a very clean room...tomorrow I'll be painting!

So....I could not have got the living room clean in less than a month o' sundays without my new Shop Vac. I have a very large collection of tools and things to make DIY easier, so it is very unusual for me to buy a new piece of equipment and wonder how I ever managed without it. But that is certainly the case on this occasion - finally a vacuum cleaner that sucks...well it doesn't, but it does, if you see what I mean.

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