Friday, March 20, 2020

Fireplace Remodel Day Twenty Eight

It's Thursday March 19, 2020, day #3 of Alameda County's Shelter-In-Place order. We're all well, and we're all inside. Amy Sheep is doing the telimedicine thing, and the bin lids are learning let's get painting!

I started with the big windows - all the woodwork got two (2) coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove semi-gloss:

Then the small window - fortunately most of this one is u-PVC...

All the baseboards were next...

And I finished up with the last bits of the shoe rack.

Moved on to the hallway - the ceiling was done a while back, so all I had left was the upper sections of the walls, the new wall, and touch-up of all the minor damage we made while we we putting in the skylight. The walls were painted with two (2) coats of Benjamin Moore Natural Cream flat:

All done before sundown...tomorrow it's the living room walls!

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